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Why We Blog

November 21, 2011

As you may have noticed, everything today is online. Whether you are deciding which pizza to order, or searching for real estate to purchase, the internet is the fastest, and easiest, place to get that information. Even though the data has been out there for years, consumers felt a need for a more interactive connection with businesses, and thus the birth of Social Media Marketing. It provides an immediate connection between consumer and merchant, which has allowed most industries to grow rapidly.

MGD Advertizing recently posted an infographic on the ROI (Return on Investment) of Social Media (included below).  It breaks down the harder to define benefits of these evolving platforms, as well as including some insights as to what we may see in the future.

Coldwell Banker Gonella Realty is fortunate to have gotten in on ground floor. Our sales office currently hosts this blog, Gonella Realty Market Update, a company Facebook page, a company profile on LinkedIn, an active Twitter  profile, and has a check-in location set up on Foursquare. Our Property Management also has a presence on these social media platforms.

In addition to the typical marketing benefits that we have seen over the past few years through our social media efforts, we have found that these channels have also helped to strengthen our interpersonal connections with our staff, agents, and clients – helping all through these difficult economic times.


“Real” Family Appreciation

October 18, 2010

Today, too often the only social thing about our increasingly “social media” workforce is facebook chatting…

So because Gonella Realty is the family business that treats business like family, including our employees and agents, recently Gonella Realty celebrated its fantastic employee-agent-family with an Agent & Staff Appreciation BBQ.


Joe Stefani and crew preparing a delicious meal!


With tables set up outside in the beautiful California Central Valley Sun, the management team served the meal that Joe Stefani from Mason-McDuffie Mortgage prepared. There were approximately 70 of Gonella Realty’s agents and staff in attendance–showing that Gonella Realty is not just a workplace, and not just place where people specialize in selling homes and renting apartments, but Gonella Realty is a place where work feels like family.


Our Management Team pulled out all the stops for serving agents and staff


Gonella Realty wishes to recognize each staff member and each agent as being the very best in the business. Thank you for being part of the family!


The Gonella Realty Family