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What’s Going On with Merced Real Estate?

January 16, 2014

Over the last 24 months the Median Sold Price has increased over 48%! We believe that property values will continue to increase in 2014, but at somewhat reduced rate. We are projecting an additional 12-15%.

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Inventory has increased slightly to 2.3 Months.  We feel that, as prices increase, the inventory may grow slightly.  This will be advantageous to buyers as it offers them more selection.

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The Median For Sale Price is up 46% over the last 2 years.  Sellers need to take note as fewer properties are under water, and with tight inventory, now is an excellent time to take full advantage of the Spring sales season.

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2014 is shaping up to be a good year for the real estate market.  Prices should continue to increase, inventory will continue to remain tight, and interest rates are still very low.

 Call us today to find out the value of your property in today’s appreciating housing market.  If you are interested in buying, we can also help you find the home of your dreams!

Merced Sales Office:                                  209-383-2171

Atwater Sales Office:                                 209-358-6429


Inventory Remains Very Tight – Home Values are Increasing

August 15, 2012

Not only have home values bottomed out, they are increasing. When we compare the median sold price of $109,450 in July 2011 to $132,000 in July 2012 we see an increase of $22,500 – or 21%!

The inventory continues to remain very tight. The inventory for Merced currently stands at 1.3 months, which greatly benefits sellers.  Sellers are continuing to receive multiple offers, and in some cases, offers above list price.

For more information, or if you would like to speak with a sales person about selling your home, please feel free to contact us today at one of the following numbers.

Merced Sales Office:                                                  209-383-2171
Atwater Sales Office:                                                 209-358-6429

We also offer professional property management services:

Gonella Property Management:                          209-383-6277

Now is a Fantastic Time to Sell!

June 11, 2012

According to Clarus Market Metrics, the inventory in Merced County’s MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is 1 month.  In my 34 (soon to be 35) years in real estate, I have NEVER seen inventory this low!

As  sellers place their property on the market, many are receiving multiple offers,  a number of the offers that are often above the asking price, and in many cases the offers are all cash.

The sales data indicates that we have bounced off of the bottom and that home prices are definitely increasing.

Note the trend line for 2012- it is heading straight up!  The median sold price in May ’12 was $115,750. This is an increase of over 5% from $110,000 in May ’11.

So, if you have been thinking of selling your property, now is a GREAT time to take advantage of the low inventory, increasing prices and the large number of qualified buyers.

Call us today for professional real estate assistance:

Merced Sales Office:                                   209-383-2171

Atwater Sales Office:                                  209-358-6429

Commercial Office:                                     209-725-7253

Property Management Office:                209-383-6277

Surprise for Dorathe Catlin!

June 7, 2012

Yesterday, June 6th, staff and agents of Coldwell Banker Gonella Realty gathered in the parking lot of the Merced office to enjoy a delicious lunch offered in appreciation for all of our hard work and dedication – or so we were lead to believe.

In actuality, the lunch was a surprise party to honor Dorathe Catlin – celebrating her 5th anniversary as a mortgage consultant with Coldwell Banker Mortgage!

  Coldwell Banker Mortgage  Regional Manager, Paul Wirth, and Regional Vice President, Steve McGough had contacted Loren Gonella one month prior to set up the staging of the charade.  Flyers were sent to all of Gonella Realty for an “Office Appreciation Lunch” with reminders sent a few days before.  To ensure that Dorathe would attend, Loren asked her to present a small speech honoring the manager of our Atwater office.

After giving everyone a few moments to eat and chat, Loren asked Dorathe to come to the front to give her special presentation.  As Dorathe was about to start speaking, her manager, Paul Wirth interrupted stating that he had a little announcement to make beforehand.  He then proceeded to reveal that this lunch was actually sponsored by CB Mortgage in appreciation of Dorathe.  She could not have been more surprised!

Coldwell Banker Gonella Realty would also like to add our congratulations to Mrs. Catlin, as well as our heartfelt appreciation for her partnership.  Here’s to many more years!

Left to Right: Paul Wirth; Andy Krotik; Dorathe Catlin; Loren Gonella;  and Steve McGough

Click here to see more photos of the event!

Why Should I Sell My House Now???

May 4, 2012
  •  Inventories are at historic lows.  In March of 2012, the Multiple Listing Service reported an inventory level of 1.3 months. This means that if no new properties came onto the market, and we continued to sell them at the current rate, in 1.3 months there would be no houses left to sell.

  • Affordability is at an all time high.  Currently, Merced is one of the most affordable places in the United States with 85% on the affordability index, meaning that 85% of the local population can afford to buy a median priced home. This is a huge difference when compared to the 11% of the population that could afford to buy during the peak in September of 2005.

  • With so many buyers chasing so few properties most sellers receive multiple offers- which usually results in the seller obtaining a higher price.
  • Approximately 35% of all offers being written today are ALL CASH. With cash offers the seller does not have to worry about the buyer qualifying for a loan or the property not appraising for the sales price.

In summary, now is an excellent time to place your home on the market. Call us today to find out the value of your property in today’s appreciating housing market.

Merced Sales Office:                                          209-383-2171
Atwater Sales Office:                                         209-358-6429

zipForm® Training at Coldwell Banker Gonella Realty

January 19, 2012

Dorothy Kielty, certified zipForm® trainer, is shown teaching her first class in a series of 3 on zipForms® to Gonella Realty agents. This first class was a beginners’ class to introduce the system. Next month she will follow up with an intermediate session, and finish with advanced training in March.

Gonella Realty wishes to extend our sincere appreciation for Dorothy’s outstanding training, and willingness to help our other agents continue to be the best possible resource for our clients.

Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours!

December 22, 2011

Santa paid a wonderful visit to Coldwell Banker Gonella Realty this past Monday, December 19th. During his visit, he sat with the agents and staff, as well as their children and grandchildren.

Tina Winek from Gonella Property Management, along with her husband and children.

Pam Spiva, from Merced, with 2 of her grandchildren

Kay Kane, a Broker Associate with the Merced Office.

Many of the children also enjoyed the bounce house that was located in the Coldwell Banker Gonella Realty parking lot.  When they were finished bouncing, they were treated to hot chocolate and cookies. A really good time was had by children of all ages.

Santa is thrilled that Coldwell Banker Gonella Realty is a Toys for Tots™ Drop Off location.  This year, our company collected more toys than ever to help under privileged children and to bring them joy during this season.

Santa was also pleased to see that Mary Camper of the Merced office organized several of the staff and agents to ring the bell at a Salvation Army collection site this past Tuesday, December 20th.

Paul Treso with the Merced Office

Beverly Ward, Administrative Assistant

Everyone at Coldwell Banker Gonella Realty wishes you and your family the very best for this holiday season, as well as a healthy and very happy New Year.

Coldwell Banker Gonella Realty Congratulates Dorothy Kielty

December 9, 2011

This Wednesday, December 07, 2011, the Merced County Association of REALTORS® (MCAR) recognized Dorothy Kielty with the “Jesse Fees Memorial Award.” This award is given annually to the REALTOR® that exemplifies Professionalism, Service and Congeniality.

Since obtaining her real estate license in 2004, Dorothy has been very active in the real estate community – holding several positions, and being recognized with several awards. Among them include:

President of MCAR – 2008
“Lou Gonella Award” 2008 – Coldwell Banker Gonella Realty
“REALTOR® of the Year” 2007 – MCAR
“Member of the Year” 2010 – Merced Women’s Council of REALTORS®
“Entrepreneur of the Year” 2011- San Joaquin Valley Women’s Council of REALTORS®

Dorothy is honored to have been welcomed so openly to the local real estate community. She states that she is honored by all the awards she has received. The “Jesse Fees Award” and the “Lou Gonella Award” have the most sentimental value for Dorothy as they show her colleagues value her professionalism and service. The “Lou Gonella Award” is voted upon by the staff and agents of Gonella Realty when asked to select “The person, who, in your opinion, is a team player, exhibits integrity & ethic, treats everyone with equality, and takes great pride in their work.”

Before real estate, Dorothy was a computer engineer with Hewlett Packard/Agilent Technologies for 19 years. Dorothy enjoys being a member of the Gateway Quilters Guild. She is happily married to Larry Thompson, is a proud mother of 4, and grandmother of 5.

Coldwell Banker Gonella Realty would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to Dorothy. We are proud to have her as a part our real estate family.

If you are interested in receiving Dorothy’s award winning service, she can be reached through any of the following:

Merced Office:                                   209-383-2171 ext 318
Cell:                                                        209-489-0621

Why We Blog

November 21, 2011

As you may have noticed, everything today is online. Whether you are deciding which pizza to order, or searching for real estate to purchase, the internet is the fastest, and easiest, place to get that information. Even though the data has been out there for years, consumers felt a need for a more interactive connection with businesses, and thus the birth of Social Media Marketing. It provides an immediate connection between consumer and merchant, which has allowed most industries to grow rapidly.

MGD Advertizing recently posted an infographic on the ROI (Return on Investment) of Social Media (included below).  It breaks down the harder to define benefits of these evolving platforms, as well as including some insights as to what we may see in the future.

Coldwell Banker Gonella Realty is fortunate to have gotten in on ground floor. Our sales office currently hosts this blog, Gonella Realty Market Update, a company Facebook page, a company profile on LinkedIn, an active Twitter  profile, and has a check-in location set up on Foursquare. Our Property Management also has a presence on these social media platforms.

In addition to the typical marketing benefits that we have seen over the past few years through our social media efforts, we have found that these channels have also helped to strengthen our interpersonal connections with our staff, agents, and clients – helping all through these difficult economic times.

Is the Market Changing

November 9, 2011

The percentage of active bank owned listings, also known as REOs, on the market has decreased from approximately 70% of all listings three years ago, to approximately 18% today. Short sales, on the other hand, have risen to approximately 43%, and standard sales have also risen to approximately 35% of real estate transactions.

The decrease in REOs seems to be due to banks holding properties off the market. Eventually, however, financial institutions will have no choice, and will place this shadow inventory on the market. In order for the real estate industry to make a complete recovery, the inventory of foreclosures must be sold and taken off of the banks’ books.

According to the City of Merced, there are currently 518 vacant homes, a decrease from 6 months ago, where there were approximately 720 before some of these houses were listed.

Call Coldwell Banker Gonella Realty for a complete list of homes on the market, including all bank owned properties, at any of the following numbers:

Merced Sales Office:                                    209-383-2171
Atwater Sales Office:                                   209-358-6429
Commercial Office:                                      209-725-7253