The Market Continues to Change!

The average Days on Market is increasing, from 34 days in Aug. 2013 to 53 currently.


The rate of appreciation seems to be slowing with values increasing 16% from Aug. 2013 to Aug. 2014.


However, the BIG NEWS is that the number of expired listings went up 163% in the same time period.


When we look at the data, our advice to sellers is to price your property realistically from the beginning.  If your property is priced correctly, it will sell- and in a reasonable amount of time.

For additional information on this data, or if you are in need of a market evaluation of your property, please contact one of our highly trained agents.

Merced Sales Office:                                  209-383-2171

Atwater Sales Office:                                 209-358-6429

If you have questions regarding rentals or managing your property, please contact

Gonella Property Management               209-383-6277

Loan information on rates and fees can be obtained by contacting Dorathe Catlin of Coldwell Banker Mortgage.


Phone:                                                     209-261-4320

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